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Ideal-Etiket specializes in high-quality large print runs.

  • Ideal-Etiket specializes in qualitative and, thus, a quick and efficient printing of large circulations, typically from 100,000 to several million. Formats product gravure printing without technical difficulties can range from A5 to A3.

  • Ideal-Etiket clients are leading manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food. Ideal-Etiket offers services of gravure printing and flexographic printing in Georgia, Armenia, in the countries of Central Asia.

  • Gravure printing method allows to obtain a wide range of products of different dimensions and of different sizes.

  • High quality products and bright colors, printed by gravure printing, based on the use of cylinders aluminium coated chromium, via which the transfer ink on the film. These cylinders used in a rotary printing machine of Cerutti, represents the most advanced technology in the field of gravure printing .

  • CERUTTI 38 R

      Main technical characteristics:

    • Colour number:9
    • Roll width:1080 мм
    • Print width:1020 мм
    • Printing material:Films,aluminum films, multilayer material,paper
    • Print speed:250 m/min
  • EDALE 250S+

      Main technical characteristics:

    • Colour number: 5
    • Roll width: 256 мм
    • Print width: 246 мм
    • Printing material:Films,aluminum films,

      multilayer material,paper
    • Print speed: 150 m/min

We do not just print,we create

Good customer service is our honor.
The method of operation.

The company Ideal-Etiket in his work focuses primarily on the needs of their customers. That is why we take into account all your needs and requirements, based on which offer you the best for your particular order decision.

We always pay special attention to such quality work, reliability and punctuality. Most of our products is highly dependent on compliance with the terms of her release. We are justifiably proud of the fact that our production every day produced millions of copies of different products, with the release schedule never gives failures.

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5 Reasons to work with us

Long term experience
Modern equipment
Skilled personnel
Individual approach to each client
Quality control

Our partners

Thanks to the suppliers we have printing machines and expendables of the companies - leaders of world production, than we provide high quality of the made and realized goods.






Our clients

Ideal-Etiket is the customer-oriented company: we always are on the party of the client and we propose the solutions which are best solving him problems
JSC "Castel Georgia"

IDS Borjomi International

JSC "Georgian Beer Company"

JSC Healthy Water

Company "Aqua Geo"

Coca-Cola Georgia

Personally designed labels and packaging favorably with conventional and effectively attracts the attention of the consumer!

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